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Re: Why Is Nemesis Unpopular?

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By the time the movie came out there was a lot of pent-up desire for a good trek movie.
Obviously, there was no demand for a Trek movie period. Nemesis was beaten by Maid in Manhattan its opening weekend and things just got worse from there.

Instead the entire Trek franchise was swept up and tossed in the garbage, the name stripped away by execs with dollar signs in their eyes and re-used for a metrosexual reboot targeted at college kids.

RIP 24th Century Star Trek 1987-2002.
The reason 24th century Trek (and Enterprise) is no more is because it didn't change with the environment around it. The same basic dull characters, camera angles, music and spaceships hung around for twenty-five seasons and four movies. There was no growth and the franchise floundered against more creative and dramatically appealing fare.

I've been a fan of Trek since 1975 and the best thing about the Abrams movies is that they brought a sense of fun back to a franchise that had been missing it for far too long. YMMV.

They kept on rehashing the exact same styles in every single show and movie. For the movies they needed to at least update some of the more worn out stuff.

JJ Abrams Trek is what I wanted to see with the TNG crew, in the sense that they needed to drop the lame jokes and stale writing, and become a bit more fast paced and contemporary

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Not among any Trek fans that I knew. Most of the fans I knew were totally burned out on Star Trek. I was totally burned out on Star Trek and I didn't care about follow-ups to Deep Space Nine or Voyager.
I guess we knew different fans. Back in the day even this board was going nuts with excitement in anticipation of Nemesis.
I would say "going nuts" is an overstatement. There was a fair amount of interest in it, and people were intrigued by John Logan writing (this was before he was exposed as a bobo who piggybacks on other people's work), but the wind fell right out of the sails when the script leaked (and a blogger named The Facer did an annotated review of it) and people realized it was going to be a massive pile of dogshit.
I remember my exposure to the script was a site that jokingly let you rewrite the script. I thought the script it was using was a joke script, and still went into the movie expecting something much better. I was wide eyed the whole movie to see that this lame "joke" script was repeating exactly the same in the movie.
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