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I'm disappointed at how easy the clues were to figure out. I guessed why the bad guys killed the cops and took the phone straight away, and when the kidnapper put the girl on the phone to plead to her mother, the significance was rather obvious considering who was in the room at the time. It shouldn't have taken Holmes so long to figure it out.

Still, nice to see Dormer's Moriarty again. And I loved that scene establishing that Watson is basically Moriarty's "The Woman" -- the one puzzle she can't solve. Given that Moriarty was "Irene" here, I love the symmetry of that.

Oh, it's too bad PBS doesn't get new Sherlock episodes the same day they premiere in England, since we've gotten new episodes of both modern Holmes shows on consecutive days but don't get to see them consecutively. I believe this is the first time we've had new Sherlock since Elementary began, so it would be an interesting juxtaposition.
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