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Re: Why Is Nemesis Unpopular?

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Perhaps not among the general public, but there certainly was among Star Trek fans. Voyager had ended extremely abruptly, with almost no Alpha-quadrant followup, and DS9 left a lot of things ambiguous as well. Nemesis was our only hope at the time for getting any resolution to any of this. Obviously, it didn't deliver.
Not among any Trek fans that I knew. Most of the fans I knew were totally burned out on Star Trek. I was totally burned out on Star Trek and I didn't care about follow-ups to Deep Space Nine or Voyager.
I guess we knew different fans. Back in the day even this board was going nuts with excitement in anticipation of Nemesis.
I would say "going nuts" is an overstatement. There was a fair amount of interest in it, and people were intrigued by John Logan writing (this was before he was exposed as a bobo who piggybacks on other people's work), but the wind fell right out of the sails when the script leaked (and a blogger named The Facer did an annotated review of it) and people realized it was going to be a massive pile of dogshit.
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