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Re: Why Is Nemesis Unpopular?

Timby wrote: View Post
It's just such a lifeless and perfunctory script, with much of its beats being lifted from other (better) works:
You can also add Shinzon as a Sela recycling. At least, if Sela had been implicated in Shinzon creation, she would have kept him on Romulus or kill him. The Romulans are used to kill "useless" children and it was unstrategic to send him in the trash with Remans.

USS Triumphant wrote: View Post
It hadn't occurred to me before, but I think that maybe with the darker sets, the bit about the Romulan ale, and so on, they might have been trying to call back to Star Trek VI, since they had a pretty good idea it would be the last outing for this crew (self-fulfilling prophecy, that, but, yeah).
In Star Trek VI there was some good reaons:
- The food had the same color.
- It was not a bad idea to drink something neither human nor klingon.
- It was itself a conspirator.
- Kirk and co were understandably uncomfortable. Seriously Worf, was it THAD bad for you to be there?

cardinal biggles wrote: View Post
Throwing more money at Nemesis would have simply resulted in the film being an even bigger flop.
Kolarus III is the proof that they had already too much money.

GalaxyX wrote: View Post
And we get.......vampires?
It could have been worse, in 2002-03, it was the Blade and Buffy era, not the Twilight one.

I think there had a kind of interdimensional rift, because we had what we were waiting from Star Wars second trilogy: a main character's clone. And he came with the ugly Viceroy and Jar Jar Binks.

However, Nemesis is not bad as Die Another Day.
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