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Re: ELEMENTARY - News, Reviews, and Discussion

Last night, Moriarty returned. And Captain Robau made an appearance in the 21st-century.

This was an episode that I was surprised to see in January. In a lot of ways, this felt like a February sweeps episode. A coworker thought this was a mid-season finale, but there's another new episode next week.

This episode was light on plot but heavy on incident and character. I liked the way the relationships between the characters played, and I intrigued by the way the three principle characters last night (Holmes, Moriarty, Watson) were analyzing the other two.

I did not see the fourth act plot twist coming.

I think Joan was wrong when she said that there is no Irene, that there's only Moriarty. To me, the conversation between Holmes and Moriarty at the end suggested that Irene was less of an act than Joan believed, that Irene is the person that Moriarty aspires to be if she can get there. (And, of course, the word "Irene" was never used.)

My fear last night was that Moriarty would escape at the end. I had a sense of dread throughout the episode that she would, especially when she told Robau that she had worked out seventeen ways out of her prison. (A reference, perhaps, to the seventeen steps to 221B? Okay, no, maybe not.) I was pleasantly surprised when she did not escape captivity.

I was afraid at the end that Holmes was going to burn the correspondence. And I was happy that he did not.

In light of last night's episode, I've begun to wonder if Holmes has resumed his correspondence with his teenaged friend, the one from earlier this season.
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