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Re: College Football 2013

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It'll be hard to top either the Peach Bowl (yeah, it has a different name now, but it'll always be the Peach Bowl to me)
My hope is that Chik-Fil-A either renames it back to the Peach Bowl, or the next sponsor does. Travesty, you can't mess with tradition like that. I feel the same about the Tangerine/Citrus Bowl.
Yeah, here too. I think if any of the BCS bowls got renamed, people would riot. Speaking of the Sugar Bowl, I find that Mercedes Benz logo on the ceiling of the Superdome a bit obscene. The only exception I would make to how I feel about all of the corporate renaming of bowl games is the Outback Bowl. I just like the sound of it better than the Hall of Fame Bowl.

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Tennessee may not have gone bowling, but watching Alabama go down in flames when everybody assumed a walkover was a pretty nice substitute. I do believe they're on a losing streak now.
I'm not brokenhearted about the Tide's loss, either, but did it really have to be Oklahoma? I don't care for the Sooners one bit, and I was hoping to see Stoops eat his words after calling the SEC's dominance "propaganda." One conference can't win seven national championships in a row (and be in competition for an eighth) on good word-of-mouth alone! My loathing for Alabama has cooled in recent years due to my respect for Nick Saban, a coach I have admired since he was at Michigan State. It's Florida whose misery I always take great pleasure watching... especially their loss to Georgia Southern this season. Holy cow.
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