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Re: What were your reading experiences in 2013?

Here is what I read last year. It's about 25 books. I started the begining of the year 2013 with Star Trek novels, then I stopped and I read other SciFi or Fantasy novels.

Star Trek novels

Andy Mangels et Michael A. Martin - Star Trek Enterprise, The last full measure
Andy Mangels et Michael A. Martin - Star Trek Enterprise, The good that men do
Geoffrey Thorne - Star Trek Titan, Sword of Damocles
Christopher L. Bennett - Star Trek The Next Generation, Greater than the sum
Dafydd Ab Hugh - Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Vengeance
Charlotte Douglas & Susan Kearney - Star Trek The Next Generation, The battle of Betazed

Star Trek comics
Leonard McCoy Frontier Doctor
The Next Generation: Hive
Star Trek ongoing 1 to 18
Countdown to Darkness

non Star Trek books
English books read in French
A short story omnibus from George R. R. Martin containing 4 short stories
Scott Westerfeld - Leviathan, tome 3 : Goliath
J.K. Rowling - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Kat Falls - Dark life
Patricia Briggs - Alpha & Omega, tome 0
Gail Carriger - The parasol protectorate, tome 1 : Soulless
Isaac Marion - Warm bodies
George R. R. Martin - Nightflyers
Larry Correia - Hard magic
David Gemmell - Legend
Michael Moorcock - Elric of Melnibone

English books read in English
George R.R. Martin - A song of Ice and Fire, tome 3 : A Storm of Swords

French books without English translation
Erik L'Homme - A comme association, tome 7 : Car nos coeurs sont hantés
Pierre Pevel - La trilogie de Wielstadt, tome 3 : Le chevalier de Wielstadt
Thomas Geha - La guerre des Chiffonneurs
Erik L'Homme - A comme association, tome 8 : Le regard brûlant des étoiles
Tim Sliders - Timeville
Thomas Geha - Sous l'ombre des étoiles
Black rain S01/E1-2 - Chris Debien
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