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Re: MLB Offseason 2013-2014

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With 101 full ballots in (roughly 18 percent of the vote), the current Hall of Fame numbers by percentage are:

100 - Maddux
97.0 - Glavine
90.0 - F. Thomas
80.2 - Biggio
72.3 - Piazza
65.3 - Bagwell
62.4 - Jack Morris
56.4 - Raines
44.6 - Bonds
43.6 - Clemens
38.6 - Schilling
34.7 - Mussina
23.8 - Trammell
19.8 - L. Smith
19.8 - E. Martinez
15.8 - McGriff
12.9 - Kent
11.9 - L. Walker
10.9 - McGwire
8.9 - S. Sosa
7.9 - R. Palmeiro
5.0 - Mattingly
1.0 - P. Rose (Write-In)

... man, fuck everyone who does a Pete Rose write-in.
I have no problem with the top 4.

I think Pete Rose will get in after he dies.

And I can't fathom a reason why Mike Piazza isn't already in.
Rose will never get in -- he is on the Hall of Fame's permanently ineligible list, and people on that list cannot be elected to the Hall, either by the BBWAA or the Veterans' Committee. In any event, fuck Pete Rose.

As for Piazza, he's only the greatest offensive catcher in history, but because he had acne on his back, self-righteous gasbags have declared him a steroid user. Ridiculous.

As for the top 4, I have no problem with any of them, although Jack Morris is still too close to 75% for my comfort and it's patently absurd that Mussina and Schilling are still south of 40% -- Mussina was one of the most consistent pitchers ever, and Schilling is indisputably the best postseason pitcher in history. Bonds' continued blacklisting is by far the biggest abomination, of course.
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