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Re: Why Is Nemesis Unpopular?

What can I say about this film that I haven't said fifty-eleven times since it came out?

Not much. Nemesis is still shitty after all these years.

Poorly contrived villain. Poorly designed plot. Phoned-in performances from the TNG cast. Poor use of their guest cast. A poorly-written, fan-wanky script with plot holes so big you could pilot V'Ger through them, penned by the most overrated hack currently at work in Hollywood. And for the coup de grāce, sub-par directing from a man who never should have left the editor's booth (where he did, and continues to do, outstanding work) and only got the gig because Paramount owed him a favor.

From the negative reviews to the negative fan reaction, to the distinction of being the only Trek film not to open #1 at the box office, to its reputation of (with Enterprise) having helped kill the franchise (or at least new stories in the Prime Universe), Nemesis deserves all the scorn it receives, and more.

Harvey wrote: View Post
The budget was far beneath the ambitions of the script, preventing the movie from realizing action of any scale, which makes it feel cheap, compromised, and unexciting (and the fact that some of the budget went to a silly car chase doesn't help matters).
The budgets were far beneath the ambitions of every Trek movie script from Wrath of Khan to Nemesis. The TOS films compensate with better writing (as you pointed out with your comparison to Search for Spock), while the TNG films tried to compensate, for better or worse, by making Picard the action hero he never was. Throwing more money at Nemesis would have simply resulted in the film being an even bigger flop.
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