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What if theyd brought back Khan for Nemesis?

been thinking, what if theyd brought back Khan for Nemesis (which was TWOK in everything but name) via cloning and had him unleash hell for the federation (as he could have retained some memories from TWOK like Ripley in Alien Resurrection). They could have got some younger guy at the time like Antonio Banderus/Javier Barhem/Bencio Del Toro to portray him for the majority of the film kicking ass killing people etc (with a mystery thing for a while as to who he is before its revealed like STID), and then had Richardo Monalban in a cameo at the end as he ages up due to the cloning going wrong/accelerating him. Nimoy couldve even had a cameo too like in STID only hed be talking to Picard not nuSpock. maybe even got N Meyer to direct, or Frakes if not.

Cloning was the central element in Nemesis, as well as being central to Alien Resurrection in 97 and SW Ep II in 02, and went on to be used in the Augment 'Enterprise' 3 parter. it was a big deal in the late 90s/early so im surprised they never thought seriously about bringing back Treks most popular villain back then for a TNG film.

Plus they kept doing the khan like villain ever since TWOK so why not have just brought back the real deal back for Nemesis.

fans wouldve gone nuts to see Picard face off against Khan so itd had more of a chance of holding its own against LOTR & 007.

could have called it 'Star Trek: Vengeance' (as that was the original title for TWOK)

i guess IDW could do a Picard v Khan comic mini series (they do everything else so why not)

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