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Re: Why Is Nemesis Unpopular?

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Most of all, though, the script is terrible, in plotting, characterization, and (especially) in terms of dialogue.
This is the biggest problem, really. I have no idea how John Logan keeps getting work, and if you ever need an explanation for why you never let fans write the movies, Nemesis is Exhibit A.

It's just such a lifeless and perfunctory script, with much of its beats being lifted from other (better) works:

- Generic dune buggy chase with Three Kings-style bleach bypass cinematography? Check!

- Picard touring the ship as it prepares for battle, delivering a solemn monologue? It worked great in "The Best of Both Worlds," let's do it again!

- Lore was a great "evil Data," let's have another Soong android except this time he'll be evil and dumb!

- Battle inside a nebula? Wrath of Khan did it, so we should, too!

- Battle against a cloaked death ship? Hell yeah, we're going to do this shit Undiscovered Country style!

- We need to kill the lovable science officer / captain's best friend, but he needs to make a heroic sacrifice to save the ship! Thanks for the inspiration, Spock!

- Oh shit, we need to have our version of "Remember" ... OK, stupid Data will sing Irving Berlin!

- The ticking time bomb weapon of death worked so well in Insurrection, so let's use that again, too!

The movie blows.
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