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Re: Why Is Nemesis Unpopular?

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Shinzon could have been an interesting villain without any connection to Picard, but then they would have had to think through his motivations instead of giving him a cheap "revenge" shtick. There was potential in the situation: the Romulan government suddenly in shambles, Reman rebels running amok. Federation leaders, after what they'd been through with the Dominion, would likely want to turn the situation to their advantage. Picard would be driven to do what's right, regardless of politics. The question is, would freed Remans be a greater threat to the Federation than the Romulans themselves? Should the Federation stand by while a Reman uprising exacts vengeance against their Romulan masters? Can the Federation afford to have that kind of chaos in their backyard? There was the potential for a lot of moral ambiguity here with no easy answers, and instead they shied away and went for the cheap and simple. I had high hopes for a Romulan-centric movie, though I was always very lukewarm to the whole clone concept.
This. It's what I was trying to say earlier. For about five minutes in NEMESIS, Shinzon is a genuinely interesting character, a mysterious new player on the galactic scene... sadly, that five minutes happens before his 'reveal'. It's all downhill from there.

Fundamentally, for Shinzon to reach his full potential, A) he needed to not be Picard's (or anybody else's) clone; and B) the movie needed to be a straight-laced political thriller, or at least more motivated in actually exploring character motivation beyond "Uh, he does it because he WANTS to".
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