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Re: When did New Frontier "Jump the Shark"?

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I only read the last two or three novels, and I never had a low opinion of Peter Davids writing.

However, it was my understanding that the whole of the series was of a "comic book" quality, in terms of concept at the very least.

Exactly when did that "bird" hatch from a planetary body anyways?
That description is spot on. The whole thing felt like a comic book after the first book or two--and I mean a 90's comic book, where everyone was sexy, emotionally stunted and the best at what they do, bub.

I think the Great Bird hatching was the shark jumping moment, but I read a few books after that, unfortunately.

Now, to try Vanguard and SCE. How did they turn out?
SCE is the closest we've come to having a book-only TV series, if that makes sense. Episodic adventures of varying quality with characters coming in and out of focus; a lot of different writers but ongoing character arcs.

Vanguard is impressive throughout, and certainly not like your description of New Frontier.
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