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Re: Why Is Nemesis Unpopular?

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And what's wrong with the Shinzon idea? Picard is facing his age and mortality and loosing his family, so his enemy is a mirror of his younger self. Or is it just too on the nose? And it makes sense for the Romulans to make a secret clone of their enemy to replace him.
It's not just that it's "on the nose" but the whole "replaced by secret clone" idea .... it just doesn't work. How would they have transferred all of Picard's knowledge, mannerisms, attitudes, inflections, etc. into a younger Shinzon to pass him off as Picard? If that works ... then the Romulans have just discovered the Fountain of Youth.

The fact that the plan is canceled because of a change of Romulan administration - and not simply because it was a far-fetched plan - is amusing. But when Shinzon is cast out with the Remans, why does he turn all his ire against the Federation, Earth and Picard? It makes no sense. Picard, Earth and the Federation had nothing to do with his creation and subsequent hardships. Furthermore, while we get some inner conflict from Picard - where was the mirrored inner conflict with Shinzon? If Shinzon is, indeed, Picard, why is he so single-mindedly villainous? Is the film trying to say hero-Picard's personality is all nurture, no nature? Otherwise, Shinzon ought to have has some redeeming qualities - other than having his super-duper space fortress serve him tea.

And the less said about the shoulder pads, the better.
I'm starting to worry about this voyage ...

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