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Re: Movie Caption Contest #240: Captions Against Humanity

Kirk: So to all your concerns just let me say that there is no correlation between the popularity of leisure suits and incidents of spontaneous combustion. Isn't that right, Spock? Spock?


Scotty: Sorry, haggis buffet. Mister Spock is still "emergency evacuating his lower decks," as he put it through the door to the head.

Uhura: Whoo! Do NOT go in there!

Spock: Miss Paris! Miss Egypt! Miss Las Vegas!
Scotty: Come on, Mister Spock, give us a look!
Spock: Negative, Mister Scott. Hello Miss Las Vegas!

Geordi: Tasha found these in her bed the day after she quote, "Literally banged your brains out."

Data: Weird that you kept them all this time.

Geordi: I know, right?

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