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Re: I hate loose ends... (The Fall & Titan SPOILERS)

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I hate loose ends. We're all aware of the whole lost Ascendant story-line from the DS9 novels. I realize it may be a little early but it looks like we may be getting set up for another hanging thread. I'm putting the finishing touches on The Fall: Peacable Kingdoms. Since the Andorian reproductive crisis has been corrected, I thought we might find out the fate of the Andorian transporter duplicates from Titan: Fallen Gods, but they still haven't been mentioned since that novel. Looking at the upcoming novels for 2014, it doesn't look likely that we'll find anything out this year. While not as big a plot element as the Ascendants, it does seem like a fairly large item to just forget about.

Is anyone else as curious about these guys as I am?

- Byron

EDIT: Right after posting this, I remembered the novella, Titan: Absent Enemies, coming in February. Maybe there'll be something related in that one.
I honestly don't care. I didn't enjoy Fallen Gods and I'm quite happy to presume that the entire matter was somehow resolved to everyone's satisfaction, perhaps with the Tholians left smarting as they warped away shouting, "And we would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling Starfleet officers! One day, I'll get you, Will Riker!"
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