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Re: Why Is Nemesis Unpopular?

I think the movie looks really good, and the FX holds up to modern day standards. The space battle was gorgeous and very realistic looking. Especially all the shots of the hero fire hitting and briefly exposing the enemy before it resettles into cloak.

And the money shot of the Enterprise-E ramming into the Scimitar? Looks amazing. I'm assuming the Ent-E is made of firmer material than the Scimitar was since it mostly holds up its structure while the Scimitar completely crumbles in. Maybe it was a rush job with shoddy materials Would make sense given how ridiculously huge it is.

And what's wrong with the Shinzon idea? Picard is facing his age and mortality and loosing his family, so his enemy is a mirror of his younger self. Or is it just too on the nose? And it makes sense for the Romulans to make a secret clone of their enemy to replace him.
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