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Warp 10 is infinite speed in Voyager and the non-canon Okuda technical manuals. In the rest of the franchise it's a different story. TOS and TAS passed warp 10 all the time without salamander transformations or infinity speed, and TNG did it in "Where No One Has Gone Before" and "All Good Things"
TOS & TAS used a different warp scale, where WF^3 X Chi factor X C = velocity in multiples of C. TNG+ used a table with asymptotes that worked out to roughly WF^3.3 X C, no Chi Factor. AGT apparently revamped the warp scale again. But Roddenberry was dead by that time, and the "No warp 10" thing was his rule. The new scale was a bad idea, IMO; they should have just capped it at 20 old-scale.

Voyager also massively slowed warp speed down, making crossing the galaxy a lifelong journey despite TOS, TAS and the classic movies zipping to the rim of the galaxy, back to Earth and to the centre effortlessly.
WNMHGB didn't make it seem effortless and quick, IMO. Now, TFF and TMoMT did make the trip to the core in no time, and encountered two entirely different things in the same place.

Just chalk it up to one of those weird unexplained and best-left-unsolved discontinuities, like "The Alternative Factor" where one drop of antimatter could destroy the whole universe, when in every other episode it's common starship fuel.
Can't really argue this once we've cleared up the few discrepancies that can be resolved.
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