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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for the Archanis system, officially disputed between the Federation and the Klingon Empire until the Khitomer Accords of 2293.
B is for bottomless shafts. Should never exist on a starship. Regardless of how big it is.
C is for the Ceti eel, one of the only surviving lifeforms on planet Ceti Alpha V after the planet's ecosystem was laid waste.
D is for Dark-matter nebulas.
E is for the Enterprise XCV-330, the first warp-powered human spacecraft to bear the name and in service many years before the much more advanced Enterprise commanded by Captain Jonathan Archer.
F is for Federation Funny Farm.
G is for Gary Mitchell's friendship with James T. Kirk, which lasted fifteen years.
H is for Harcourt Fenton Mudd.
I is for Ilia's Oath of Celibacy before coming aboard the newly refitted Enterprise.
J is for Joe Tormolen. Hey, Joey, put the knife down, huh?
K is for the Klingon High Command, the governing authority for the Empire's military forces during both peacetime and war.
L is for Lorenze cluster.
M is for Melkotian buoy.
N is for Noonien Soong. Born in the 23rd century, died in 2367. The cybernetics and robotics genius responsible for creating at least four advanced positronic androids, three of which were based on his own physical appearance and traits.
O is for Organian Peace Treaty.
P is for Pakled engineering skills. Limited, and very much so.
Q is for Quadra Sigma III.
R is for Richard Daystrom. You are great, he is great.
S is for Skon, the father of Sarek and grandfather of both Spock and Sybok.
T is for T'Pol's Brain.
U is for Uttaberries, a delicious fruit that grows on planet Betazed. Deanna Troi and her mother loved them.
V is for Vulcan deviants.
W is for Worlds, strange new ones of which are explored by the Enterprise.
X is for Xindi-Insectoid compound eyes.
Y is for Yesteryear.
Z is for Zed Lapis sector.
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