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Re: Why Is Nemesis Unpopular?

The movie criminally wastes Ron Perlman and Tom Hardy as the heavies. The whole cast looks tired and disengaged (then again, they read the script, had to deal with Stuart Baird, and knew this was probably the end of the road). The budget was far beneath the ambitions of the script, preventing the movie from realizing action of any scale, which makes it feel cheap, compromised, and unexciting (and the fact that some of the budget went to a silly car chase doesn't help matters).

Most of all, though, the script is terrible, in plotting, characterization, and (especially) in terms of dialogue. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock also looked cheap and had clumsy plotting, but it nailed the characters and the dialogue. I don't have to tell you which one I'm more likely to revisit; if it didn't come in the four movie box set I bought on Blu-Ray for $1, I wouldn't have Star Trek: Nemesis in my collection.

It's not a total failure (I like the Goldsmith score, and Dina Meyer is good in her role), but being bad rather than terrible is hardly an achievement worth putting on your resume.
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