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Re: Why Is Nemesis Unpopular?

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Shinzon is a good idea for a villain. An evil clone of Picard from the Romulans.
Um... no.

Early in the movie there's a sense of mystery about Shinzon. The crew have a chin-wag in the obs lounge about the apparent political upheaval on Romulus and who this new guy in charge is. "He's a Reman" and "He fought in the Dominion war" is all they know about him, but there's this tangible sense of, gosh darn, we don't know what could happen. Is Shinzon going to be open to peace? Is it a trap? What's up with this guy? So much potential there.

And then it turns out he's a very cartoony villain. A clone of Picard who wants REVENGE. His credibility was flushed down the pan.

I was actually working in a movie theater at the time NEMESIS was out. And I can tell you that people in the theater were actually laughing at the reveal of Shinzon. There were friends of mine who were expecting to hear the Dr. Evil music from Austen Powers: "Duh-Duh-Dun! Duh-duh-Dun!" That's never a good sign that your villain is hitting the dramatic chord that you want them to hit.
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