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Why Is Nemesis Unpopular?

I've been doing a bit of a Trek marathon lately and I just finished watching Nemesis. As like I remembered, this is a solid movie and I don't understand why it's so reviled!

It's got a great story with amazing action scenes in it. The opening dirt jeep chase is a nice bit of rare on-location Trek action that looks great. The space battle between the Ent-E and the Scimitar is absolutely amazing. I had forgotten two Romulan Warbirds joined the fight at one point. And when the Ent-E rams the ship like that? Or how about Picard flying a shuttle INSIDE the enemy ship? It's great stuff!

Shinzon is a good idea for a villain. An evil clone of Picard from the Romulans. And he's played by Tom Hardy! It's nice to finally use the Romulans as the main villain in a movie, though it is unfortunate that they decided to invent the Remen race to do it.

My only complaints about this film:
--Worf has nothing to do, like every other movie. This always confuses me as I thought Worf was a very popular character. Why are the movies the Picard and Data Show?
--The middle section of the movie is pretty slow. But the last hour is non-stop action so I guess that makes up for it.
--I could have done without the B4 blatant character backup of Data introduced in the same movie as his death.

But this was a good movie with a good sense of closure to the franchise. You have Riker and Troi marrying and leaving the ship and Data dying... it felt like an ending.

Obviously it bombed hard at the box office because it came out in the same period as Harry Potter 2, Die Another Day, and Two Towers.
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