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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

Irwin Allen's The Lost World was better than I expected, aside from the lizard "dinosaurs." A pretty impressive cast, including Claude Raines, Michael Rennie, Fernando Lamas, Jill St. John, and future Irwin Allen TV cast members David Hedison and Vitina Marcus. Kind of silly, but pretty fun.

Hammer's She started out slow, but got better. Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee were excellent and had some good material; I particularly liked Cushing's philosophical speech about age and the yearning for immortality. Bernard Cribbins was a lot of fun, and Ursula Andress was really nice to look at (and surprisingly well-dubbed; the lip sync and sound quality were handled so well that I never would've known her voice had been replaced if I hadn't read about it). But good grief, the racial politics are awful. Parts of the movie were really uncomfortable to watch. And the ending was weak and anticlimactic.
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