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Re: Star Trek: Phase II - "Kitumba" Officially Released!

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Why don't you both just make your shows?

And then please accept this in the spirit in which it is given: SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT THIS.
No. Also, lighten up.

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Just to be clear....the order the credits are listed in a film/tv show are not standard by any means. In fact, it's pretty rare that a director gets credit at the beginning of an episode.
Once again, you don't know what you're talking about. See Harvey's post above, which says so much more eloquently while also proving why.

Though I will say I think it's a silly discussion to bemoan where someone's name is listed, Vic was never listed as a guest star at the beginning of the episode - that didn't change after he tried to kill it. As the title of the show is "Kitumba" it's the Kitumba's actor's name that appeared before the episode in the original version.

"We" list the credits at the end in the order IMDb lists them. It's just easier to organize them that way... so Vic's name as director wasn't "buried" - it was listed with the rest of the production department his work was part of. I guess you could be complaining that James Cawley's name as Exec Producer was also buried.
Don't be ridiculous. In almost all of Phase II's previous outings, the Director credit has been furnished after the main title sequence, and the episode title and writer credit.

Come What May:

In Harm's Way:

World Enough and Time:

Blood and Fire, Part I

Blood and Fire, Part II

Enemy: Starfleet

The Child:


So, even when starting out, Phase II's been mostly consistent with this particular title, one of the most universal and recognizable credits seen in every professional production audiences view. Here, however, the Phase II team chose to do it differently. The only episode lacking a "Directed By" Credit would appear to be "To Serve All My Days," and even then it's because I just can't seem to see it on any of the copies on YouTube at the moment.

The point I'm trying to make is that there is a precise and finely-tuned process for credits, how, when and where they appear on screen, and in what order. Phase II, as an amateur production has yet to get it entirely "right." (Take comfort however that just about every other fan film suffers from the same malaise.)

There are still honest mistakes, and there are always complaints about choices. In the end complaining about Vic's name being exactly where it belongs and yet not also featured is, well, just silly to me.
Except that there has been a very public airing of Phase II's dirty laundry on the matter, mostly by Loken and further corroborated by David Gerrold himself in that the production was adamantly not going to just be straightforward about this matter and simply credit Vic for his work as the director of the episode.

Lastly: I'll comment on whatever the hell I please, thank you very much. So long as I stay within the bounds of the rules of this message board I don't see any reason why I should refrain from commenting on this production.

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