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Re: VOTE! ENT Anomaly / Respect Your Elders / Desserts Avatar Contest

And now...

For the episode contest, our winner with seven votes is:


In second place, with five votes, is:


For the ENT theme, we have a tie! Our winners, with five votes each, are:

Orac______________and___Chanukah jes!

In second place, with four votes, is my entry:

For the random Desserts theme, our winner with seven votes is:

Praetor Shinzon!

In second place, with four votes, is:

Chanukah jes!

So, Orac and Chanukah jes, the two of you together can decide the next ENT theme, Praetor Shinzon can pick the next random theme, and MerryJinXmas gets to pick the next episode, and has the honour of running the next contest!

Congratulations to all the winners! And thank you to all who entered and voted!
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