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Re: Star Trek: Phase II - "Kitumba" Officially Released!

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Whether or not, and specifically how Vic would be credited in this production, given the enormous amount of bad blood Phase II seems to feel toward him for whatever alleged actions took place, was the subject of several heated discussions in this forum a few months ago. Loken ignored repeated queries about the matter, despite his very public loathing of Vic; Phase II's new showrunner, David Gerrold popped by to spout off some PR-sounding verbiage before finally suggesting that if Vic wanted to be credited, he'd have to write the producers of Phase II "to explain why he feels he should be credited," and then finally Elvis entered the building and said once and for all Vic would be credited, albeit at the end titles.

I agree that it's rather childish and entirely unprofessional how Phase II has chosen how to handle this matter, considering that they are now releasing the production as their own official latest offering and Vic's performance and direction play such a large part of it, but it's also their sandbox.

I suppose we should be grateful they even bothered to mention the guy's name at all.

In Hollywood, credits and attribution are usually tied to money and payments in some way. As any of that is likely under the table (if at all) on fan films, it tends to be less of a consideration on that front. Here, it just strikes me as being Phase II's way of "striking back" at Vic for whatever wrong they perceive he committed against them.

In other words, you'd never see something like this go down this way on any professional show or film.
Thanks for the background info. That gives some more form to the matter, and it's a bit disappointing. Especially saddening to see that reaction from David Gerolld, who as an old pro in the industry should really have a different outlook.

Perhaps the most ironic thing for me is that I thought Vic's work here was so good. If it's truly a "high watermark" for Phase II, as some are suggesting, he was a big part of that and it's not really fair to hide his name like they did.

All of that said, I continue to be grateful for Phase II's continued commitment to Trek. If there's one good thing to come out of whatever their disagreements with Vic were, it's that there are now two separate production teams (Phase II and STC) putting out promising work.
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