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Thereby saving 31 other teams from having to consider Cutler as a viable "option".

Methinks he knew his value to Chicago was greater than his value on the open market.
I would disagree. Cutler was indisputably the #1 quarterback target on the market. The other options for teams looking for a quarterback (Houston and Cleveland, notably, although I expect Houston to draft Bridgewater, and Minnesota, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Arizona and Oakland are all likely to be shoppers) are Vick, Henne, Freeman, possibly Ponder ... and McCown.

That's a murderer's row of dogshit, right there.
That and despite what people think...Cutler is pretty damn talented. There isn't a throw on the field he is incapable of making. Hell he can make better throws from most off of his back foot.
Well, when Cutler starts throwing from his back foot I start reaching for the Tums, because it's frighteningly reminiscent of 1998-99 Brett Favre before he got his mechanics straight, but he does have one of the top three arms in the league -- it's just that he gets dangerously inaccurate beyond 20 yards and he has a little too much of a funslinging mentality.

He's still the best quarterback the Bears have ever had and I'm glad they've locked him up, even though it's effectively a three-year contract.
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