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Re: STEAM Winter Sale

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Yeah, they have some measures in place to keep people from easily gaming the market by setting up dummy accounts and so forth.

In any case, I crafted two levels of the badge just by selling dupes and buying the ones I didn't have. I don't spend "real" money on this stuff because come on. I'm a little annoyed that the items I got out of it each time are worth jack and shit, though. Guess I'll dump them on the market for a couple cents apiece.

One wonders how much real money Valve is making out of the market system. The commish they take is big enough, in scale, that they should be making scads of money, assuming there's enough dimbulbs sinking real cash into it.
I guess I lucked out then as I bought the last card I needed for 10p (took a few tries, those things ere shifting fast!) and got a skin or some-such for a game I don't own and sold it for a quid and change. Yay Profit!

And yeah, I'd never spend real money on this stuff and I can only wonder who exactly is since this money has to be coming from somewhere. Maybe it's the CS & TF items that are really driving this mini-economy?

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Good choices! Especially DARK SOULS. Welcome to hell.
I've been tempted to buy that game...but it scares me. My somewhat obsessive personality and a low frustration tolerance seems like a lethal combination when applied to a game like that!

I've been very good this year, only picking up the Bioshock triple pack, the three Skyrim DLCs, Walking Dead Season 2 and Gone Home. Even then that last one wasn't from the Steam sale but from humble bundle for next to nothing.

I was also a little disturbed by the abundance of early access games on sale. Early access & kickstarter are for those that *really* want to support a project and are willing to accept the fact that they may not get what's being promised when alls said and done. Pre-ordering digital media is bad enough (I mean it's not like they're liable to run out of stock, no?) but pre-ordering a game that isn't finished seems crazy to me.

Putting them on a sale rather smacks of trying to sucker in a few people who are too dumb to read the huge blue warning notice...which I suppose is fair enough. One born every minute and all that...but still, I'd rather see some more actually *finished* games for sale.
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