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Re: J.J. admits keeping Khan's identity a secret was a mistake

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Fleet Admiral Cartwright comes close - using the Klingons as proxy.

Although saying Admirals on Star Trek have been world-bombing, Startfleet-slaughtering berzekers is hyperbolic, it merely exaggerates the well-known effect of Star Trek Admirals and other ranks above Captain going rogue. Star Trek Into Darkness continues the cliche. They are becoming much akin to Red Shirts.
I have to disagree, though you're right there are certainly similarities. Seems to me that in ST:TUC the plan Adm. Cartwright and the other conspirators formed was to have starfleet officers assassinate Chancellor Gorkon and make it look like Enterprise fired at the chancellor's ship as well as deliver the assassins. This would force Kirk into a firefight (given Kirk's prejudice, and the conspirators egged him on in this regard earlier in the film, this was surely expected). Kirk foiled all this by surrendering.

Admiral Marcus, however, planned for Enteprise to be destroyed in Klingon space and be blamed for the bombing of the Klingon homeworld. But Kirk foiled this by trying to capture Khan instead of following the orders the admiral gave him. Adm. Marcus then shows up in his starship of death and proceeds to slaughter them right then and there! Flat out murder, treason, war crimes and evil! Khan is the good guy here in comparison! I think the major difference is flat out planning to have enterprise destroyed AND trying to destroy it himself while Cartwright and the conspirators left Kirk with not just a fighting chance but a fight against a damaged ship. Anyho', that's how I see it.
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