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Re: Captain of the next Trek series

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I would say so, as those events aren't mentioned anywhere aside from novels, which aren't canon. The V'Ger incident is referenced indirectly by Jaresh-Inyo in "Homefront" when he mentions that there hadn't been a Starfleet Emergency in nearly a century aside from Wolf 359 and the Borg attack. But it's never mentioned by name, which is surprising.
Surely the Whale Probe would have been counted.

I agree. TAS had a few episodes that were worthwhile ("Yesteryear"), but some of them were ridiculous and were impossible to take seriously. I think an animated series could do well if the storylines were sophisticated enough that both adults and children would find them interesting.

Dr Who did a couple of animated serials recently, including 2 with Tennant. How did they do?
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