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Re: 'On Earth, petroleum once turned petty thugs into world leaders'

The whole relying on oil to the point of absurdity thing has blown my mind my whole life.

When I was a teenager in the 70s, I read a novel (one I recently repurchased and reread for the first time in decades) that is very much in the 'ethical use of tech will save us' mode, Ben Bova's MILLENNIUM.

In it, you have Soviet and US forces working side by side in relative peace on the moon, seeing a nuclear exchange on Earth is about to take place between their countries, seize all the ABM laser sats the two countries have in orbit and become their own country to save the planet from itself. Bova also piggybacks the idea of laser guided weather control in the same novel, suggesting if a country violates UN guidelines (giving the UN some REAL power is another notion here), they will simply get their water 'turned off' through weather control, along with a shitload of seriously dry summers and calamitous winters.

Now this is all seriously promethean (and Bova did a nonfic book on prometheanism too, which I used to hand out to people before I stopped my 'true believer' mode on tech solving/saving everything), but it is part and parcel with the notion that if your tech is limited or running out or bad for living things, you get rid of it in place of 'cleaner' or better tech ... and regardless of how I felt about tech being the answer to everything or just a potential tool for same, I always figured we would HAVE to wise up on shit like oil, even if it took riots in the streets.

Double Dumb Ass on Me.
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