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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

^^^ Sounds Indian. Indians make up a rather large portion of the demographic in the UK. I suppose it's a hold-over from England's colonial period over a century ago. So much so that curry is threatening fish & chips as the national food of the UK. I remember, when visiting there 10 years ago, you couldn't swing a dead cat without finding some kind of chicken curry sandwich at a local deli or convenience store. I suppose it's a lot like chicken salad sandwiches here in the states, but I personally prefer curry and wish it was more prevalent over here.

So, long and short of it, if it's an Indian sounding name at a UK company, that is certainly not an indication of skullduggery. Asking for a SSN, however, is not a good thing. I recently had to change my credit card info with them because of the Target hack fiasco and, while it took a while for me to reach someone, they were very courteous once I did talk to someone, and they absolutely never asked for an SSN - not once. I personally would not have given that information out under any circumstances.
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