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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

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I just caught up on this season's Parks & Recreation. God that show has gotten depressing. It's always been a satire on how much politics sucks because the voters are idiots, but the good guys aren't unrealistically winning out anymore.
I haven't found it depressing and, if anything, my beef has been that it's gotten too unrealistic.

For example, the Flouride in the drinking water episode:
  • 1. Jamm is an orthodontist, not a dentist. He straightens teeth, he doesn't fix cavities. He would have no financial incentive whatsoever to oppose fluoridated water or want kids to drinking sugary drinks.
    2. When you look at communities that still oppose Flouridation it is as likely to be "progressive" areas that think chemicals in the water are bad as it some backwards rednecks.
    3. Are Leslie and Ben really so naive that they thought Leslie publicly insulting Sweetums wasn't going to have blowback? They've never been portrayed as that stupid before, especially Ben.
    4. They've been spending a hell of a lot of time trying to make Leslie into some sort of voice of reason on good diet lately, which makes no sense when they also claim she's addicted to waffles and hates salads (almost as much as Ron does).

I understand that some of this is probably a need to come up with new plots together with Amy Poehler trying to assert a little of herself into the character but it isn't just unrealistic from a "real world" standpoint, it doesn't fit with the reality of the show and the character[s].
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