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Re: Star Trek: Phase II - "Kitumba" Officially Released!

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I have not had the opportunity to watch the entire video yet, but I would like to congratulate the Phase II team on putting out their latest effort, "Kitumba." No film project is ever easy and getting to release - whether via as storied or troubled a process as "Kitumba" faced or not - is a herculean task.

I did skim through the video and noted with some irony and disappointment that while Vic Mignogna is credited as the director of the episode, said title is buried deep within the end titles of the film, on at least third or fourth title card (following Gerard and Probert's credits as well as the listing of the entire cast) the series of which (as mentioned by Kelso) do seem to whiz by rather quickly. I'd have much preferred that the production team not make such a big fuss over Vic and his credit like this, but I applaud Phase II for at least giving said credit where it was due.

I will comment further after I've had a chance to watch the episode. For now, congrats to the team!
I noticed that too (he's also not mentioned as a guest star in the opening listing over Act I, even though he's the main antagonist). But I'm not in Phase II's or Vic's shoes, so I'm sort of inclined to give it a pass.

I do think Vic's performance in the episode is very strong.
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