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Re: Favorite Comic Books of 2013

I'll just list them by company as I found them great reads.

Aquaman (haven't gotten the first Paker issue yet)
Wonder Woman
Justice League Dark
Swamp Thing

Indestructible Hulk (for much of year, last two issues I felt a slide, rebound in '14 I hope)
Thor God of Thunder (only read through trade 2 so far, half of '13)
I'm waiting for Infinity trade, hear good things overall for a cossover. I've got the Avengers AI first trade coming, thoughts on that?

Dark Horse
Captain Midnight
Brain Boy

XO Manowar
Bloodshot & H.A.R.D. Corps

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - great arc just wrapped up that felt reminiscent of City at War in ways.

If you're not looking into non-Big 2 titles I feel you're missing out on some great fare out there.

Material that underwhelmed me:
East of West - read the first arc and wasn't wowed
Fearless Defenders - I was reading it for the hope of the concept to come to fuition as it could
Animal Man - dropped it around Spring/Summer
Shadowman - still buying it, new creative team, hope for '14(note the #0 & #10 issues are exceptions)

Books I have high hopes for in '14
Ghost - at Dark Horse, issue #1 just hit and was great
UNITY - at Valiant, the first arc feels good thus far
Moon Knight - Ellis at Marvel
Black Widow - her last solo got cut short imo, redemption here?
Turok Dinosaur Hunter - Dynamite relaunching the Gold Key/Valiant character
Doctor Spektor - Dynamite, Mark Waid brings the Dr out of limbo. Read the old GK trades, I sense potential here.
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