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Re: Kitbash Datasheets - some finished ones

I didn't feel like doing a front view on this sucker, so I just did enough to make a decent tech manual page.

The point of the Arminius class was to whack together some partially built components to get some warships into the Dominion War as fast as possible. So the primary hull is from some passenger ships that didn't get finished before the war started, scabbed onto a Maquis raider (Peregrine class?) engineering hull, and a couple of subscale warp nacelles.

The model itself was made from two stands from the Ertl Excelsior kit, a Monogram Maquis raider (the old Voyager 3-pack), and 1/2500 1701-D nacelles, with a 1/1400 1701-D bridge stuck on.

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