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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Misc topics:

I'm not a chatty player, but I've noticed an absence of the normal fun-loving chat going on. If I do see any chat going on, it's normally a flame war. I was also surprised at the lack of chat the last time I visited DS9.

I've been playing a little lately. Completing some missions that I'd previous missed and helping my daughter do the same. If you see me on, give a shout.

I don't understand why my FED toons keep getting the Singularity drops as I can't use them. Shouldn't that be an easy flag to set...

I discovered the Michael Dorn has voiced more episodes that just the feature one. That's a nice touch.

I think that I mentioned this before, but you can get a purple tactical (projectile weapons officer) DOFF, "Law" from one of the Wasteland missions. 20% chance to reduce torp reload by 5 secs.
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