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Re: 'On Earth, petroleum once turned petty thugs into world leaders'

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I don't think I gave it much thought till Bush the Second managed to snake into the big white house, but it seems like it is referencing the Bush family as archtypical oil baron/politicos to me.
That would be a bizarre reference for a 1998 film, given that Bush I was a one-term failure, and Bush II was still a couple years away from the White House.
Not to veer too far into theorizing about the real world here, but a one-term president and two-term Veep who ran the goddamn CIA for years sure as hell sounds like he fits that description, ESPECIALLY given the family links to middle east oil concerns that had already surfaced and only became a going concern postINS when II was in power.

(Just to give a grounding on my perception of things, I'd say if you read Trevanian's SHIBUMI, which postulated a domestic agency that addressed US oil interests worldwide which had all known domestic spy ops in their pocket and essentially working for them, even when it undercut those agencies' own agendas, then you have an idea of exactly how I think the world works. I just don't see some folks who are in the 99.999% earning level as leaving anything to chance, and my worldview is constantly reinforced on that, unfortunately.)
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