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Re: NFL Discussion - 2013 Season

Can try to justify it however you like, but most of the 'difference' is just in the name on the front of the jersey. People aren't currently sick of Manning, so he can do no wrong. If he had just won 2-3 Superbowls, he'd be called out as an asshole instead for the same actions.

Can't speak to (or remember much about) 2 point conversions, but going for it on 4th down, especially when it's not always 4th and 1, IS better than just kicking chip shot field goals, isn't it? Not automatic points, you're giving the defense a chance to do their jobs and get the ball back. And if the defense cant manage it, you get to keep the possession, and keep running down the clock. Which is, in theory, the 'mercy' thing being asked for, no? Just end it and get off the field? How's kicking FGs all day NOT running the score up? Plus it happens faster, so more possessions, more points, etc.

Granted, once Brady was near the record, they pushed things a little, but in general, don't get the cry against this. It's professional sports, do your job. It's no pop warner, you don't get in trouble if the losing team is crying at the end. And if you take your foot off the gas too early and the other team comes back, YOU are suddenly the one in trouble and likely fired. And it's not like some sports, where you can really even bench your starters; there's only a few backups on the team and everyone plays in most packages. Sure, you can pull the QB, but if you have to play using the same OL, WRs, and RBs anyway, just as likely you keep beating the crap out of a shitty team anyway. Short of kneeling 3 times and punting on every possession, what do you propose? And that would be FAR more insulting than just running the ball every down...
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