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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Finally read Forever Evil #4 and have to disagree with Mr. Light. . While this was mostly set up for the final three issues, Johns chooses to focus on characters in this issue. Batman/Selina as he reveals the Cave to her for the first time. Superwoman/Ultraman as Evil Lois continues her manipulation of Ultraman, feeding his paranoia. Lex with his team. Power Ring and Deathstroke as well. Batman's response to Power Ring was epic, only to be followed up by the reveal of Sinestro on the final page as things heat up. The art has been beautiful as well. Compared to some of the other "event" books this year this has been completely satisfying thus far.

Also caught up on Justice League, and loving the Crime Syndicate backstories.

Was that also the first appearance of 52'Verse Eel O'Brien? I'm wondering if Plastic Man might not be the next character Johns will be writing an ongoing solo title for?
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