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Re: When did New Frontier "Jump the Shark"?

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"Stone and Anvil" was, indeed the high point for the series. I hated losing Janos in the ongoing narrative, but what a triumph of an ending!
I agree with this. I've read the 2 volumes following it, but for me New Frontier's true story ended with Stone and Anvil. It should probably have done what Vanguard did, and go out on a high note. The final scene where Calhoun and Shelby watch Janos leave could have been the perfect closing moment for the series.

What I would like however... is a few name drops for the series cast in new novels from other series. That the series ended doesn't have to mean the characters' adventures can't continue. Say for example the Typhon Pact was up to something in sector 221-G, but Starfleet then informs Picard that the Excalibur had already put a stop to it or some such.
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