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Re: Captain of the next Trek series

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I think an officer *like* Decker might be called for, rather than that actual character, if we're continuing to move Trek forward to after Nemesis (which I would hope we are). Although, if Morgan Bateson has managed to update his training well enough to still have a command during First Contact and beyond, I guess I don't see why that couldn't be true for Decker, too - and it *would* be about bloody time they followed up on V'Ger somewhere, wouldn't it?
I would say so, as those events aren't mentioned anywhere aside from novels, which aren't canon. The V'Ger incident is referenced indirectly by Jaresh-Inyo in "Homefront" when he mentions that there hadn't been a Starfleet Emergency in nearly a century aside from Wolf 359 and the Borg attack. But it's never mentioned by name, which is surprising. In any case, I wouldn't mind seeing Decker in the captain's chair of a new ship. As Stephen Collins is much older than he was at the time of TMP, this might be another avenue for an animated series.

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Much as I loathe Frakes, I've got to admit I'd watch the heck out of that. I'd prefer it, though, if it were taken seriously and as part of screen canon even though it would be animated, this time, unlike the way TAS was handled.
I agree. TAS had a few episodes that were worthwhile ("Yesteryear"), but some of them were ridiculous and were impossible to take seriously. I think an animated series could do well if the storylines were sophisticated enough that both adults and children would find them interesting.

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