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Re: Captain of the next Trek series

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Uh, oh...

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I may be mistaken, but Will Decker always seemed the type of officer you're describing. There's no reason why a credible way to return him to normal space can't be concocted.
I think an officer *like* Decker might be called for, rather than that actual character, if we're continuing to move Trek forward to after Nemesis (which I would hope we are). Although, if Morgan Bateson has managed to update his training well enough to still have a command during First Contact and beyond, I guess I don't see why that couldn't be true for Decker, too - and it *would* be about bloody time they followed up on V'Ger somewhere, wouldn't it?

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I've suggested an animated Titan series before, and I think it could work. It would be a nice way to showcase the ship's diverse crew, and the original actors (Frakes, Sirtis) could still be part of it.
Much as I loathe Frakes, I've got to admit I'd watch the heck out of that. I'd prefer it, though, if it were taken seriously and as part of screen canon even though it would be animated, this time, unlike the way TAS was handled.

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Aside from these ideas, I'd love to see a series with an Andorian captain, or maybe a series featuring a captain whom we've met before (like Sam Lavelle from "Lower Decks"), who's risen through the ranks and earned a command of his own after several years of service.
The triumphant return of Wil Wheaton to Star Trek as *Captain* Wesley Crusher, perhaps? That would actually be great, I think, if they let Wheaton bring some of his real personality into play.
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