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Re: An Adventure in Space and Time - Grade and Discuss

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Not on Earth sure about that cameo from Matt Smith though. I mean Smith wasn't even born then. And I'm pretty sure William Hartnel never hallucinated Matt Smith being there while filming his regeneration. Plus in a few years time when Capaldi or even the 13th doctor is the current, that will definitely seem outdated. I mean in the long run, there's nothing really special about Smith out of all the doctors.
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My only problem with that is given how the series will have a long life at Matt Smith it doesn't feel like a real book end. It would have made more sense to create a montage of all the other actors that would play the Doctor instead of just one or two. Hell, maybe throw Peter Capaldi in there. In other words, pay homage to them all and not just the one currently in the spotlight.
I'm sorry for choosing these two posts as the sentiment was repeated by many through this thread. My question is - after having seen The Time of the Doctor has anyone elses opinion changed on the choice of Smith? Afterall, we now know that Smith actually was a "bookend" - he was the last Doctor of this cycle.

(although I still love Christopher's explanation)
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