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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Leroy wrote: View Post
I've noticed earth space dock always has a lot of chat, the winter event zone also has some interesting discussions from time to time.
I'll have to visit Spacedock, then. DS9 used to be the big chat hub, I guess it's gone quiet, at least as of late. I'll try the winter zone. Speaking of, I visited it for the first time last week, and just about pissed myself laughing at the new audio they added to the vendors. My current favorite audible is "Q loves all the little creatures, even you."

Most MMOs are becoming more and more asocial lobby games as time goes on it seems.
Yeah, see, that's no fun! Half the fun of an MMO is being social. If I wanted single player, I've got dozens of games I could play.
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