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Re: Captain of the next Trek series

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How about a woman as Captain? That hasn't been done before as the lead of a series, has it? I mean, there was that one series that had some woman who liked to sit in her quarters and sulk for months on end and that was addicted to holodeck romances, but I mean an ACTUAL woman being an ACTUAL captain.
Uh, oh...

Count wrote: View Post
I think whatever the gender is, we really need to see the true Starfleet officer appear as the next captain.

Sure we've had the tactician (sisko), the cowboy (kirk), the diplomat (picard), the lunatic (janeway), the bumbling fool (archer) but the one thing we've never actually seen but always heard about is the Clever Starfleet officer.

Supposedly, the best and the brightest graduate from the academy, and the very top are the ones who get the good postings, so why is it that we've never seen an officer who can simply outwit his opponents or negotiate an agreement with nothing but guile and personality alone? No weapons, no equipment, no plan and still come out on top?

Sure in limited ways we've seen Picard pull this off, or Janeway stumble through blindly until it appears she did something smart, but we've never actually seen a clever Starfleet officer, let alone a captain. I don't want to say it simply to have a crossover reference, but we really need a Dr Who like "The Doctor" character to be lead captain on the next trek series and not just have someone who's able to scheme their way to a solution not be crossed off as a racial stereotype like the Ferengi or the Romulans. Intelligence is not a sign of nefarious intention.
I may be mistaken, but Will Decker always seemed the type of officer you're describing. There's no reason why a credible way to return him to normal space can't be concocted.

Dantrek wrote: View Post
As long as its in the prime universe I would be happy. I had hoped for a Captain Riker series on the Titan but I think hes a little long in the tooth for that show and at this point he should be Admiral Riker. A new crew of the Enterprise-E would be nice too. I dont know why the ships have to be constantly destroyed. The original 1701 had 2 Captains prior to Kirk. I love that Gene wanted to give the ship history.
I've suggested an animated Titan series before, and I think it could work. It would be a nice way to showcase the ship's diverse crew, and the original actors (Frakes, Sirtis) could still be part of it.

Aside from these ideas, I'd love to see a series with an Andorian captain, or maybe a series featuring a captain whom we've met before (like Sam Lavelle from "Lower Decks"), who's risen through the ranks and earned a command of his own after several years of service.

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