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Re: Are we forgetting why Spock is a great character?

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I know there are reasons for Spock's emotionalism in nuTrek but I still liked it better in TOS.

Sure Spock was plenty emotional in TOS. All that had to happen was Kirk get in danger or be angry with him. But it was more subtle over 79 episodes and so much more rewarding when you got to see it.

Sometimes when you see nuTrek Spock you just think its just inevitable he's going to go ballistic at some point. You never thought that about Nimoy Spock (except in Amok Time, This Side of Paradise, The Naked Time, Mirror Mirror - well OK quite a few times LOL)
Again, though, unique situation here. Nimoy's Spock never had to deal with the annihilation of his people, the obliteration of his home planet, or the death of his mother when he was much younger. All of this happened at once for Spock, and I think in the movies he's still sorting it all out.
While I understand the reasons why nuSpock is more emotional than TOS Spock, it's not something I really care for. Same thing with nuKirk having no father thus being even more rebellious and such when he was younger. I don't care for any of that. I'd like to see Kirk and Spock as they were in their prime because I find that dynamic much more interesting and rewarding. After two films in a row, it would be refreshing to see Pine and Quinto playing the characters at their peak. There might not be a lot of films left for this cast (at this rate, a hypothetical sixth movie would be released in 2025, unless the cast loves Trek that much and wants to keep making more beyond a fourth film, I can't see that happen), so I'd like it for these movies to get past the growing pains for these characters instead of holding onto the frat boy Kirk and emo Spock.
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