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Re: Khan Side By Side Review

Well I have all of them on Region 2 DVD first editions / SE / the son of the original motion picture collection (if Paramount says so) and the hopeless bluray with sick DNR and botched up 70mm Dolby film and I thought Paramount took things Paramount. Importance, obviously not.

This is by far the best for listening to the film in its purest over bluray and DVD which has a single missing sound effect on the English language track that is faint spark like sound effect. WOW I must have hearing to spot that years ago.

Thank goodness for the purity of LASERDISC.

I prefer to play the classic film though my DOLBY CP500 in USER1 Pro-Logic with Dolby A-type off as its not needed here.

Maybe the only home cinema to use two professional LUCASFILM LTD THX SOUND SYSTEM'S and Sony SDDS.

Captures are off the CRT with camera mode set to SR/AUTO

Time counter I left switched on so you can see the time frame.

Its tricky to get the camera to react to the contrast and odd colour values off the CRT screen over LCD screen or video projector but I'm not starting up the projector which would show a little more SCOPE width over the CRT that has a slight % of over-scan.

The blue is slightly overexposed due to the camera. I can try other settings but it adds in horroble lines that camera adds in artificially.

Generally speaking anyone who is proud enough to still own the USA NTSC pressing would know how it looks on TV or projector with some up-scaling to 1080i use on my projector though the AVR Onkyo TH SR-875 which does a neat job of it.

Picture came out a little blued as I was running it as PLAY. The Pioneer DVL-909 has digital freeze pause so it can still frame on CLV discs but the digital freeze tends to add in a stepping noise along image so I try with some shots to take a picture as its playing and hope I don't get motion-blur due to moving image.

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