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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

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MS appear to me to be a company that's haunted by the fact that they lost the smartphone and tablet markets to Apple. They had been trying to spearhead those two niche markets for years, then Apple waltzed in with innovative, simple products and almost completely sidelined MS.

Agreed on all points. It's ironic, but I don't really think MS really understands technology, at least on the same level as it has in the past. They're slow to get going, and slow to adapt to trends, and you can spot them flailing around trying to keep their balance. It's like trying to explain the internet to an elderly who's lived in a different era and haven't used a computer before.

Now it's obviously an extreme example, but it feels like MS has aged to the point of not being able to understand current trends. And when they do try to start trends, crickets chirp.

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