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Re: TF: Peaceable Kingdoms by Dayton Ward Review Thread (Spoilers!)

I'm 69% through, and not really enjoying. It reminds me of the dulled reaction I had when I read Summon the Thunder after Precipice, for example. It has been repetitive (of both Poisoned Chalice) and itself. Why is everyone's particular history repeated so much! Everything feels extremely unnecessarily explained. This is the fifth book in a series: really, the reader can - should - be trusted to know who most people are and recall events from the prior 4 (for example: really, Dygal's history? A major character in book 2 needs re-introduction? Or Sakoura needs another mention? Or Tom Riker needs a reintroduction after the rather effortless introduction of such a major player of Book 4? Etc). Some things have been great or ok ('I'm not Will', for example), but I do feel disjointed from what has being going on in prior novels. Also must every character regret an enemy's death in such repetitive fashions?

My biggest plot-versus-chracterisation bug has been that I really cannot believe that four days of public arguing could convince many people that Jean-Luc and Beverly were having a major crisis. It's too rushed.

Maybe I will be happier by the end. I hope so!
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